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Diamond Jewelry Education

Since 1883 Bridgewater Jewelers has been selling diamond engagement rings.
We are always pleased to share our 125 years of expertise as an authority on the subject of selecting and purchasing a diamond ring.

Before you buy a diamond, we urge you to learn as much as you can. Compare styles, quality and value.

A diamondís brilliance is determined by the amount of light returned by the eye. It is our mission at Bridgewaterís to provide the most brilliant diamond for a fair price to each and every customer. The most simplified way to shop for a diamond is by using the 4Cís (cut, clarity, color, carat). Below, is some information to look for in each of these categories when shopping.

In order to maximize brilliance, the diamond cutter must position each stone's facets to act as light-dispersing mirrors, in exact geometric relation to one another. The cut is also the shape of the diamond you are choosing.

diamond shapes   diamond shapes   diamond shapes   diamond shapes

diamond shapes   diamond shapes   diamond shapes   diamond shapes

Color is critical because the more colorless the diamond, the greater its value. A single increase in color, can make a big difference in the look of the stone, as well as the value. Color ranges from colorless to yellow. There are also fancy color stones that increase the value of the stone. Natural fancy color diamonds can be found in colors such as brown, champagne, pink, blue, yellow, black, and green. Diamonds can also be treated to become these shades, so be careful when you are shopping for colored diamonds and ask these questions.

diamond color chart

Clarity refers to the number of inclusions in a diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the clearer and more brilliant the stone is. It is very important when viewing stones with a sales associate, that you can see the stone under a 10-power scope. Make sure you understand where the inclusions are and how they affect the light and brilliance in the stone.

diamond clarity     diamond clarity     diamond clarity     diamond clarity     diamond clarity     diamond clarity     diamond clarity

The carat weight is the gemologistís standard measure of a diamondís weight. It is important to know that weight alone means very little. The combination of weight and all the other factors above will determine the value of a stone.

diamond size chart

Keep in mind, no two diamonds are ever exactly alike. Our sales associates can help you weigh all the factors and find the diamond and ring that will work best for you.

A few other helpful hints when shopping are:
  • When looking for a diamond, always look at two or three and compare your options.
  • Make sure you trust the jeweler youíre working with. It is not always about the cheapest price, but the best quality item.
  • Donít be afraid to ask questions, there are no bad questions when shopping for such an important item.
  • If you decide on a diamond, find an identifying feature that helps you remember the diamond in the future.
  • Always ask for proper identification on the diamond, if not a certification, the jeweler should be willing to provide a complimentary appraisal to document the diamond for you.

If you would like to set up an appointment with one of our diamond specialists, please contact us.

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