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Birthstones For Each Month


Bridgewater Jewelers

Garnet is the birthstone for January. When most people think of garnet, they see dark red images. But look a little deeper into the garnet's many varieties and you’ll discover a rainbow of colors, except blue.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Amethyst holds a magical appeal that’s proven to be timeless and universal. Amethyst displays a majestic hue of purple, moving from very light to very dark. With purple being the chosen color of royalty, amethyst has enjoyed unwavering popularity dating back thousands of years.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Aquamarine. Found in an array of pastel tones from very light to medium blue, aquamarine is often tinted by a splash of green. The delicate greenish blue of a fine aquamarine conjures up images of dancing light on the purest of tropical waters.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Diamond, the most precious of all stones, represents April. In many shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of clarity, there is a diamond to fit everyone’s liking.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Emerald, with its rich green reflecting colors of spring, has been treasured for thousands of years as an emblem of rebirth and enduring love.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Alexandrite is a color changing gem that represents June along with the Pearl. It comes in beautiful shades of purple, gray, green, and teal. This chameleon changes through all these colors depending on the type of light reflecting through the stone.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Ruby is all about passion – penetrating the heart with color and fire like no other gemstone. Unmatched in legend and seldom rivaled in beauty, it combines the energy of light with the power of fire into a single breathtaking scarlet colored gem.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Often called the "volcanic gem," peridot usually forms in rocks created by violent volcanic activity. On rare occasions, peridot also has been found in meteorites that have fallen to earth. No matter where it comes from, peridot has caught the attention of humans for many years.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Long considered the ultimate blue gemstone, sapphire swings from the coolest and quietest shades to the most vibrant and lusty blues imaginable. And sapphire doesn’t stop there. You’ll discover some sapphires-often referred to as fancy sapphires-in shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues that shout with excitement.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Unlike any other gemstone, opal dazzles the eye with a spectral display of flashing and dancing colors – colors that move and shift within the opal’s mysterious depths. A roman historian in the first century AD wrote, "there is in them a softer fire than the ruby, there is the brilliant purple of the amethyst and the sea green of the emerald – all shining together in incredible union."


Bridgewater Jewelers

As the golden variety of the quartz family, citrine takes its name from citron, the French word for lemon. But don’t think that all citrine is the color of lemonade. Citrines range from the soft hues of golden champagne to the rich, deep color of a fine Madeira wine.


Bridgewater Jewelers

Cast your eyes upon the ocean waters as the setting sun displays its dance of color, and you’ll discover all the rich spectral hues of topaz. On its cool side, topaz ranges from a soft sky blue to the richest and most vivid aquas and greenish blues imaginable.

Traditional Anniversaries:

1  Clock
2  China
3  Crystal
4  Flowers
5  Silverware
6  Wood
7  Desk Set
8  Bronze
9  Leather
10  Diamond
11  Fashion Jewelry
12  Pearls
13  Fur/Lace
14  Gold Jewelry
15  Watches
20  Platinum
25  Silver
30  Diamond/Pearl
35  Jade
40  Ruby
45  Sapphire
50  Gold
55  Emerald
75  Diamond

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